The Black Chroma Classic Legendary Bottle | 1.0 QT

The Black Chroma Classic Legendary Bottle | 1.0 QT

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A band of iridescent shimmer defines the new Black Chroma Collection. The sleek prism effect makes each piece unique and adds a hint of sparkle next to the powdercoat matte finish. Featuring a glimmer that catches the eye . hydrate with Black Chroma.  

After 110 years of premium performance . the Legendary Classic Bottle is getting a fresh . chromatic makeover. A stopper twists open for a smoother pour . while the iconic lid doubles as an insulated cup. Legendary for a reason . this keeps a quart of hot coffee or tea at the perfect temp for 24 hours . providing long-lasting warmth that matches your style. 

*Each item is unique. Iridescent color may vary.

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